Friday, 17 July 2009

wet and windy

Phew that was some storm last night, lashing rain, thunder and lightning, power cut everything. All the electricals have to be re-set. The storm seemed to sweep up the river, revolve around this hill top, sweep off then just when you thought it was all over - rush back and roar.
Checked the plinth people out this morning, they seem to be present and correct, don't know what they did overnight. Being English we are rather ignoring all the lamentable exhibitionism it entails.
At the mo the woman is drawing attention [quietly in writing] to the children of Darfur. Oh now she is getting a bit showy and throwing roses [with tied messages] to peeps below.
We bought this delicate oregano plant when we were are Hampton Court, pale pink bracts [such a nice word] and now tiny mauve flowers. The seller warned us not to leave it out in the rain as the stems are very brittle and would break. Seems an unlikely way for a plant to behave. We put it's pot in a fairly sheltered position, but I assumed I would find firewood this morning, but it is fine. Obviously knows what it is doing.
The golf is swishing along in Scotland so i listen vaguely to that on the wireless [Tiger isn't doing as well as expected but hopefully he will pull thru, tho I do quite like old Padraig Harrington, a good name too].
Then the Test Match starts at 11am. on Test Match Special, I love listening to them chunter on, one day I would like to make a quilt with all the names of the field placings "Silly Mid On" etc.
Saving that till I am even older.
We did so well in cricket yesterday, and then we didn't. Aussies were cock a hoop as you would expect, I suppose we will collapse into a humiliated puddle , or a real one, it is at Lords so presumably got wet too. Tho I suppose the whole country got soaked; however the storms are due to return this afternoon so maybe that will save us.
That is why we pay such attention to the weather, it plays a significant part in the country's history.
Spoke to daughter last night, she is having a 90degree summer, but the roses still manage - with lots of irrigation. No hose pipe ban there, none here yet, but i expect there will be.
We have a well in the garden and next door have purchased a pump, [goes down about 40ft] to water the garden as they are on water meter.

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carol said...

We never get really cracking thunder storms up here. I rather regret that even though they scare the pants off me at the time. It makes me a bit lax about unplugging electricals - but I do have a surge-master (what a name.) Now its raining fit to bring on the next flodd. I wonder how our new flood defense along the rivers will hold out.