Monday, 24 August 2009

Audrey and me

After the visit to Norwich to see Lorina's work [see Embroderer]I am trying to develop a piece of my own.
Also I bought a DVD of one of my fave fabric artists, Audrey Walker - so I am very primed to start my new project.
Unfortunately I am not confined to the lunatic wing of the workhouse as Lorina was, with very little in the way of resources in so many ways.
I am in a "room of my own" up to my knees in bright threads and fabrics and mostly in my expensively educated right mind. Terrible conditions. Choices, every which way, multi tasking may be a female trait, but it plays havoc on "focus", as does insufficient testosterone undermine "drive"
Encouraged by the spirit of Audrey [she is now in her 80s and somehow overcome these difficulties] I have lightly painted some fabric and given it a bit of a stitch.
I have a seated Big Woman in mind, she will have frustrated dreams in her mind - so we have much in common.


Sue said...

Wow, at least you have mega-talent on your side!

Heide said...

I absolutely love your painted lady! Your artwork is amazing.

carol said...

I heartily endorse the above comments.

I hate Francis Bacon though so please don't get TOO much like him - yeurk!

His stuff has the same effect on me as a really distasteful violent movie.

Walled Garden said...

Thankyou for showing a work in progress. It is sometimes difficult to release a vision before it is complete.
Cheers Gillian