Thursday, 27 August 2009

Big Sister

I am watching Big Brother nominations. They are down to two weeks now, seven of them left to nurture their conspiracy theories and desperate survival strategies. It is remarkable how different "real" people are from fictional people. I am not sure what it is that makes the difference. We real people are less tidy and don't have a smooth script...........or skin.......
Wandering bemused thru my ruminations this morning to find that BB is to be axed next year. Probably wise, I usually only watch the beginning and the last few weeks, it is fascinating for an only child to see a big noisy load of pseudo siblings fight and cavort, without getting involved. Probably why I ended up a teacher, tho that is possibly more of a gender issue.
I wish them all well, at least they have the courage [wise or not] to have a go at changing their lives. Even tho young adults are more savvy these days about the media, and it's power for good or evil, I do wonder just how much some of them realise about what is going on in this modern "Colosseum" as many BBs seem so clueless outside their own bubble, can't even place Britain on a map etc.
Wot is happening to education, it used to be the way to change your life, or maybe for the poorer families it rarely was.......ignorance may get passed on, the habit of recognising consequences of actions and choices, abstract thought is not developed.......same amongst the landed gentry.
BB was taken up enthusiastically in 70 countries it seems, so I feel a bit less of a freak for watching it, but no less guilty.


Walled Garden said...

I must admit I have not watched BB but I was struck by your comment relating to passing on ignorance because of being ignorant of the effects of ignorance. One of those reflections in a reflection like the marriage of the Arnolfinis. I bet they weren't poor enough to perpetuate ignorance.
Yet, I agree that the people who are willing to step outside their birth/death cycle are brave and deserve to benefit from change, whether constrained by affluence or the lack of it.
Could go on for ever.....
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

I feel like going on at length about 'education today' and the affluent divide, so might do it in my own place rather than take up yours.

Don't watch BB though (too much reality in the day already for my liking) so can't discuss that.