Friday, 11 September 2009

amoebas are us

Listened over night, as I couldn't sleep, to Obama's speech about changing the American Health Insurance System.
Now, this afternoon he is commemorating 9/11. Both depressing, tho hopefully something good will come out of both.
We were on holiday in Cornwall when we saw the TV when we returned from a happy trip out in the sunshine - to see, what at first, i thought was a disaster movie.
When I realised some of what was happening, looping thru again and again, we made frantic phone calls on our poor little mobiles, such a seemingly fragile connection, to our kids in the States. Neither were in New York but at the time no-one knew for sure what was or was going to happen.
I note Coffee Spoons is reading old magazines about the Second world War. We have g'dads big red mock-leather books here [badly flood damaged] binding together magazines about the First World War.
I have started and now stopped reading a book about Churchill/Stalin/Roosevelt at Yalta; too much detail of unbelievable cruelty as armies crushed and re-crushed Poland, to want to continue.
But, although it is all ghastly and we may end up wiping ourselves out as Margaret Atwood suggests in her new book, I still think in the main we try hard.
We are just animals, in the paper today it says even amoeba betray each other!! so each time one of us does a generous thing it is a tick and I will cherish it as long as I can.

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