Saturday, 12 September 2009

East to West

So here we are on the other side of the island, but not as far as Wales, tho we can see it across the river there.
RP drove us [Hattie the dog and me] 230 hot miles across country, storming round the M25 is no fun, so instead we took in the rural roads skirting round Milton Keynes, Bletchley, Oxford till in the end we had to drop onto the M4 to get to Bristol and on to Portishead - overlooking the River Severn.
Oh my Goddess I am turning into one of the wrinklies having a "routes conversation" .....with myself.
This is a three storey town house, quite new, a neat column of tiny rooms obsessively and exclusively decked out in black and white. It feels like being in a bad film made in the ?80s, 60s? but the sharp ethos includes Wifi and two [yes count them] black evil flat screen televisions, with more than 4 channels. Usually holiday cottages are lucky to have one creaky TV in colour.
The view from the balconies across to Wales are stunning so I hope the sun continues to shine in the morning so we get the full effect.


Feltmaker said...

I hope you have a lovely time away :)

carol said...

I recommend the Wye valley, Hereford, Simon's Yat etc.

If you go to Tintern Abbey I need one of the black dragon T shirts for Sandy in small adult size - the one I bought him is almost too small already and he loves it ... can't find them anywhere else on the net...

Sorry to highjack your blog with a wish list....

Walled Garden said...

I have a wish list too! Is there room for me too!!! It does have a lovely view and I hope the weather holds.
Cheers Gillian