Tuesday, 29 September 2009

we can - or can we

Bit of an autumnal harvest today, lots of butternut squash and

pears. Last year they got some weird kind of virus that turned them funny shapes so we didn't eat them.
This year they look fine, which is a relief as the new neighbours planted pear saplings last year and looked very askance at our monster fruit. But this year we look normal so they can watch theirs grow with an easier mind.
Our apples are a sorrier lot, almost two months without rain obviously doesn't agree with them. The oldest and best apple tree has gone and died which is sad and a problem as it needs removing before it falls down the bank. We are not good at getting "someone" in to solve practical problems like this. We assure ourselves we can do it, but like Obama - it all takes more time than one would think.

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