Wednesday, 30 September 2009

winter woollie thinking

Went into town today to put my posh frock into the Cleaners, it cost nearly £8 and will take a week! fortunately my social calendar is not over full.
Library cards now work all over the country, so i took mine on a trial trip to the town library [as opposed to the mobile]and was over stimulated by access to so many books.
Also the local toddlers group was doing a very enthusiastic song with the actions group amongst the shelves.
Could hardly concentrate what with the elderly brain cells and tears in the eyes as the little poppets screamed with pleasure and triumph at touching "ears, nose, knees and toes" several million times.
Backed accidentally into a young woman in a burka and screamed, only because I thought I had stood on her, but I expect she felt I was frightened of her as a terrorist, which was a shame.
After RP had had his eyes tested and been told to take his glasses off to use his computer. The optician moaned because he claimed the govt. pay for the free eye test didn't cover his costs - if people then went off to SpecSavers for their fancy frames. Persuading RP he didn't need computer glasses didn't help load his coffers poor independent professional.
We toddled off to a shoe shop where RP immediately reverted to his 12 year old self, sulked and refused to try anything on, I remained very mature - just, and swep out [I wouldn't like him telling me what to buy either i suppose]
There seems to be only one shoe shop in town now - Clarks. All the others have closed and been subsumed into the fashion shops, which means almost everything for female feet is shiny and has a 4inch heel. Which I would love to wear, as it looks so wonderfully prancey.
Big Business is now establishing and exploiting a lucrative foot fetish where shoes no longer are for walking, thus also boobs are no longer for feeding babies but for ramming into pointy shapes as sex objects.
Boys are obsessive about their pecks, little girls are entirely in pink and we are all going to hell in a hand cart, a shiny one with a big horn.
Finally to M&S where RP redeemed himself and bought 3 cardis! One for the garden, one cashmere for lounging and one for £15 because he had a voucher.
I bought a jumper.


carol said...

What a stimulating day. Forres High Street just doesn't have the same buzz!

No-one in burqahs yet for a start. I will be interested to see the local reaction when the first arrives. They'll probably all dive into the nearest doorway so they don't have to notice it.

Gillian said...

Took D to visit Durham (as Bill Bryson exhorted everyone to do in his book, and then got made Bigwig of the University) and found marvelous shoes in the shop in the indoor market and he independently disappeared to try some on while I bought some beads. Then he bought them!
Cheers Gillian