Sunday, 4 October 2009


The mobile library van obviously was shaken by my disloyal visit to the main library in town this week, and coughed up three new books still warm in their new protective plastic jackets.
Plucked up the new Faye Kellerman; Swan Peak by James Lee Burke and The Silent Man by Alex Berenson - The last defence against the world's deadliest threat - that should take my mind off things.
Prior to this I finished the latest Ian Rankin [The Complaints] I thought it was OK, the main character is a bit of a blank tho and as usual I got lost in the intricacies of the plot. Usually Rebus and Edinburgh carry me thru without worrying too much about exactly what is going on. Without Rebus it was a bit low energy..... I really disliked the last "caper" Open Doors, so i hope Mr Rankin is not being distracted too much by the high life on Newsnight Review.
Guess the big news is that I lit the sitting room fire last night, mark the date, can't remember if it is earlier than usual.
It was RP's Grandad's birthday [he built this house] so we clipped some Michaelmas daisies, white Iceberg roses and some late big white daisy things form the garden for his grave, and some on his sister's next door. The bunches of flowers look well in the sunlight, and hopefully the yew tree will protect them from the wind for a while.
When grandad walked the peninsula he used to keep his eye open for likely logs, and drag them home. As he got older he used to just balance one on the grate and just push them into the fire as it burned. He'd sit there in his little woolly hat refusing to turn on the radiators his daughter had installed, watching his little b/w television, knitting squares for Oxfam.


Sue said...

our neighbours drag branches and logs home from their walks for a friend. my great grandmother used to love to go "woodin" for fuel for her bread oven. she'd collect it in an old pram and stitch herself up with needle and thread when she ripped her skin.

carol said...

It's an excellent photo. Black and white is always more atmospheric. Full of character your grandad-in-law looks too, so that helps!