Sunday, 6 September 2009

East to West

We had a windy couple of days, but only one rainy day. Grass is yellowing all over the county, trees are looking autumnal already. This spindly old tree gave up the ghost and collapsed across the path by the boat yard.

The big plastic tents on the right cover several boats in the yard. I know in the States houses are covered like this so the termites can be fumigated, [the people leave for a few days I suppose]. I think I have heard tell of some termites down in Cornwall in old buildings and we have "death watch beetle" in the timbers of church roofs, but I think these boats are just being laid up
Hattie the dog and I just trundled round the Long Fields and didn't pay much more attention.
Today we delivered my and M's work to the gallery in Cambridge. A very busy town on a sunny Sunday, the traffic is ghastly. I guess it must have been as bad when we used to go to college near there, but I think that then my mind was on young men in punts most of the time.
The gallery looks quite sophisticated, smokily engraved windows, white walls, but it is a little off the main drag, I would guess only those who know of it will go past.
I have put the dancers in
and the Three [Dis]Graces
The Dancers look pretty heavy in their frame and I very much doubt that anyone will want to shell out £175, the price I plucked out of the air.
The gallery will take 30% so I figured I would just go for it.
I have put the Three Disgraces in Not For Sale, because I like them. I have to pay £25 hanging fee for each piece so it doesn't make a lot of sense, but I have tried putting a large price on a piece so I can show it without losing it, and the bugger always sells.
I took the camera and the movie camera thing with me, but as I am now an old lady I totally forgot to take any pics.
I have to chug back again on the train next Wednesday and steward for the day, so i guess i will have time to record the scene at my leisure.
It is No 1 [and only] son's birthday today so I will ring him soon. The time change to California means I have to be careful not to wake him up............and now I have just remembered he is hunting deer today in Nevada with his sister, bro-in-law and my baby grandson.
Oh my lord.
Hopefully he will have forgotten to turn the ring tone off and if I time it right the noise will startle and save Bambi..

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Sue said...

How different the two sides of the country are. Over here in the west we are green, green, green. Except for the tips of the Boston Ivy going red you wouldn't think it was autumn at all.
All the best to Che. 37 now yeah? Same year as Kate I remember. We'll soon have kids in their 40's!!