Thursday, 3 September 2009

fruit and veg.

Finally got some rain last night, but altho more was forecast today it missed us again.
The chillies [potato family] in the greenhouse are flashing warnings that they might be getting pretty hot, we dry them in a very low oven and then use them throughout the year to perk up the cooking. They can be rather variable in strength, one day one will be mild, and the next an extra half will be fire in the blockhole.
RP doesn't like surprises in his cooking, only known herbs and spices and maybe a dozen or so recipes - unless he is cooking, when he sometimes likes to experiment, following a new recipe like a chemical experiment.
No complaints here, it usually turns out OK and after years of family meals [variants of vegetarianism, carnivore, everything except cannibalism] led to me often cooking 3 different meals at each sitting I am sanguine now with serving up successions of chops and roasts.
When in the midst of the chaos of a young family it all seemed vaguely manageable, especially if I took Delta the dog for a calming walk in the park opposite after slaving over hot pupils, then snatched a 20 min snooze while the kids watched Blue Peter. Looking back I am amazed I stayed sane, but glad we had that bustle and togetherness.
The tomatoes [potato family] have done well in the garden thanks to a lot of water carrying. I have read that the potato family is bad for arthritis so I don't eat many, which is a shame as they are brilliant little jewels.
Cucumbers are OK, but I prefer aubergines which we haven't grown this year [potato family]


carol said...

Beautiful provender. How clever you are. The chillies are especially lovely.

chillsider said...

Ahh I think I was flagrantly using the royal "we" there. New Tricks was on in the background so maybe I picked up on Amanda Redmond queening it over the old dogs.
All I did in the garden this year was nurture the sunflowers and.... supervise. The Retired Person retreats to his greenhouse and shouts at the white fly.

carol said...

Supervision is extremely important - and encouragement and appreciation. I think that makes you a well-balanced team.