Wednesday, 2 September 2009

fire and water

At last it is raining, hopefully it will carry on all night and maybe tomorrow, sinking into the sandy soil to be sucked up by grateful roots.
It said in the Guardian it has been raining on the Isle of Skye for the last 47 days, maybe that is a bit much I suppose.
The Los Angeles fires are on the news, Athens too, but maybe the result of arson. Sometimes, it seems, they start these fires to get rid of protected trees so then they can build houses. Bastards
Now they [TV] are talking up swine flu again, why do I watch the News, it is rarely fun
This morning I went to the monthly textile group meeting, no doubt it was very ordinary but by the time I got home I was screaming with frustration. There is a lot to be said for the artist isolated in the traditional garret. I am tempted but I guess I would soon be screaming with sense deprivation I suppose.
To cheer me up we went out for a curry. We both took books so we could relax without having to endlessly entertain each other after all there is no good news. I have started the new Sebastian Faulks, a "Week in December" which promises much cleverness, but decided i needed to be gripped by a more demanding plot so started the new John Harvey "Far Cry" which is definitely all consuming.
Haven't seen the new Ian Rankin yet, the reviews haven't been totally enthusiastic, and i didn't think much of his last caper, so I am feeling the loss of poor Rebus.
The new Lee Child is also available in hard back, but they are such a frantic, tense read that I hate to spend all that money when it will all be over so quickly.


carol said...

It feels as if it's been raining here at least as much as on Skye. Thought it would change once the schools went back.

Other thought - it sounds so cosy to be able to go out for a meal with someone you know well enough to be able to each read your books. I see so many couples eating out in what looks like grim silence.

Sue said...

A new John Harvey and a new Lee Child oh joy! But will have to wait for the pb versions, or order from library. Found two JH at the library, they were good, and have ordered another.

D has introduced me to G M Ford's Frank Corso novels, which I'm enjoying, though finding them scary when reading alone in the evening. His sidekick Meg is a strong female character so you might enjoy them too.