Sunday, 20 September 2009


Lovely sunny day, we took a long walk along the river.
Hattie is a happy doggy, she approves of this holiday tho she does point out that one can take lots of long walks at home without having to drive for 4 hours to reach them.
We tell her to shut up and keep walking; lots of other dogs walking their owners too
The beach is stony and muddy, covered in dramatic seaweed that I think was described as "black gold" in a TV programme where they talked about how it was once smoked? and sold as fertiliser, not round here I don't think.

I am still reading the D Brown, it is interesting about America's Freemasonry origins; it is amazing how little we know about different cultures and why they are different, how their concepts are formed and developed.
It seems that although we are constantly bombarded with information, so much of it is irrelevant to growing our understanding of each other or ourselves. The furore about the American Health Insurance Bill and the NHS for instance is a case in point. The history behind and in front of each would be useful to clarify understanding, but it seems politicians can't afford to be open and talk about what is really important.
Goddess knows how we will ever sort it all out, it seems like most people know in their hearts what is needed but we have no idea how to reach it.
I read in the local paper that our anarchist march on Saturday culminated in tens of young persons throwing pies at several large banks in Bristol...........hmmmmmmmmm later hundreds of over heated young persons [different ones I presume] queued to see Peter Andre at Asda, there is a message there maybe, maybe not.


Gillian said...

Completely different dog but same name. We walked with a short legged, dark brown terrier called Hattie today(on a lead...we are all nervous about steers and horses). And there was another dog we all love which has some Newfoundland mixed with collie. It's a gorgeous big softie but we all have to help get her over some of the stiles. She can't fit underneath.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Lovely pics. I didn't get to see Simon's Yat so I'm glad it was as good as it claimed to be!

Hatty is still v. handsome.

I cannot believe you smoked - when was that? How come I missed that interlude??

Looking forward to the dragon T. many many thanks.