Monday, 21 September 2009

green and pleasant

Today we had to organise a bit in the morning as I wanted to get the dragon Tshirts into the post - flying towards the g'sons, which hopefully was achieved.
To celebrate we sat outside Costa's hoping the sunshine would last. A woman approached asking to share the table, I Hate that, it feels so encroaching, but decided to be civilised and smiled a welcome.
But then she said did we mind if she smoked, this dragon raised her head and she retreated.
She found a berth at the next table, so we still got some of the benefit of her smoke, where she noisily complained about the anti-smoker laws. We had some empathy as we have to sit outside because of Hatters but didn't let it show.
We are both ex-smokers, now the smell of smoke makes me ashamed of what I must have put others thru. I used to roll my own with liquorice papers, it was the ritual I missed as much as anything.
My son smokes even tho he whizzes about as a bicycle messenger up and down the hills of San Francisco, his lungs must be really confused what with the tobacco smoke, traffic fumes and .....fresh sea air. He keeps stopping and starting, he says now he has paid his taxes he has 40 dollars for the next two weeks, eat or smoke, let's hope he makes a good decision.
Daughter and son inlaw gave up for the babe, when they were young they used to harangue me, but now I am only allowed to be encouraging.
On the way to car I bought Alistair Campbell's Diary in hard back for a quid from a charity shop, it will be an alternative fantasy for when I finish D Brown [who is really annoying me at the mo].

We went up to Symonds Yat, very calm and pretty, and green - no smoke

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