Friday, 18 September 2009


This house we have rented for the holiday was very clean, lots of pristine white paint and furniture and cream carpets throughout. The oven however apparently escaped the attention of the previous tenant's.
Chef was not amused.
The carpet is beginning to shade to grey with the generous application of doggy hair so we shall have to break out the hoover before our next set of visitors.
We have had stepson here for last few days,and today we went with him back to Bristol, it is a lively city, somehow more relaxed than London. I am always happy when I am back in London, especially my familiar places North of the River.
Today we were South of the River?Avon/Severn as I wanted to see an exhibition by the Gordano group of fifteen artists from the South West.

[lots of melted tyvek]
This one was dyed with Woad. I tried this once myself and got this same innocuous shade, which at the time was disappointing, but in this situation is was quite pleasingly calm. Surely the Ancient Britons obtained a more dramatic hue.

Stepson was curious as to how these felted faces had been constructed, but there was very little information about the work or the group. Their website is still under construction.
We pottered off thru the city - an anarchist group was having their annual march with black and yellow balloons and more police and riot vans than marchers [incl. at least 4 on horseback]. They didn't seem dangerous, seemingly being composed mostly of vegans knitting in solidarity for Palestine.
It was a lovely sunny day, the parks decorated with horizontal young persons chattering on their mobile phones, I was so disarmed I bought the new D Brown - well I am on holiday. Stepson found it all very tiring, has gone back to work for a rest.

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Feltmaker said...

I reckon those faces are needlefelted with some wet felting over the top :D