Thursday, 17 September 2009

sun, sea and smoke

Today we went for a day trip to Weston super Mare, I remember spending a week there as a kid, with my parents. Being an only child I was bored silly after a few days, but finally found that the sand was perfect for making relief sculptures of faces and animals. No sign of that today, tho I saw a notice of a Summer Sand Sculpture competition that I had sadly missed, but I suspect that others skill levels may developed over the years.

The vast sandy beach is still there, but the poor old pier has suffered.

Now it looks like this,
shuttered and guarded.

This bronze relief reminds passers by of past glories

It was fairly grim in the town really, even tho the sun was shining. The wind was blowing in true British coastal fashion and the very young and very old [not many in between] were sheltering, clutching their packets of chips and hats with grim determination.
These kids, who perhaps should have been in school, were practising their back flips, but I only caught him on the way down.

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Sue said...

Ahh, Weston-on-the-mud as we always called it! Doesn't look too muddy in your pics.