Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pottered down onto the beach today, largely sandstone, brown sucky old river mud, lines of black seaweed and almost fluorescent lichens. Found one trainer [rejected] and one bicycle seat - so thoughts turned to Picasso......... banged out the wildlife secreted in the spongy underside and put aside for another day.
Did wonder if we would come across the wet cyclist, but fortunately not.

Clevedon Pier was a surprise, such a fragile but elegant structure, made by the Victorians in Cast Iron.
Piers are in such trouble these days, we have seen Brighton's West Pier a burnt out shell, and the main pier survives mainly on the Fairground terror ride on the far end.
Southwold Pier has fascinating automatons including a weird clock but is threatened by the changing tides which are undermining the coast.
Hastings pier is just Shut. It was bought by a company but they now seem to be about to go bankcrupt.
Clevedon pier has absolutely no attractions except itself and the Pagoda TeaShop at the end........ and the anglers club...but when you look more closely the planks are studded with sponsored brass plaques, which pay for the upkeep of the Pier..
Most of the plaques are Birth, marriages and Deaths, many of the last.
It's a bit depressing, like when you stagger after a long walkies to sit on a helpfully placed bench, only to find it commemorates someone else, deeply missed, who also loved this spot.
Makes one feel uncomfortably temporary/disposable.
But quite a few of these plaques were amusing, sweet or straight strange.


Feltmaker said...

A truly moving and amusing blog post :D
Thank you F

Sue said...

I guess dedications on benches and bunches of flowers at accident sites are the modern equivalent of funeral hatchments. But the plaques on the pier are great fun and I can't think what their past equivalent is...carvings on trees?

Walled Garden said...

What lovely lichen.I did know the name once after a brief lichenology walk...something with "xanthe" in it for the gold colour.
And what a wonderful pier Clevedon have. It is now on my list of places to visit. I don't know the West well and you are making me keen to see it.
Cheers Gillian