Monday, 14 September 2009

there be dragons

Today we crossed the river into foreign lands via the beautiful Severn suspension Bridge. Toll £5.40 but that covers return trip too. I have vague memories of when I was a little kid being sat on the fence of the old Severn Bridge by my father being jolly - I was terrified.

I guess this is the old bridge, we stayed away from it
We headed for Tintern Abbey, lots more left than usual after Henry VIII had his wicked way, basically it seemed they knocked off the roof and supporting pillars so it wouldn't be replaced..
This seems to be the extent of risk in the abbey these days

A double click reveals all

It was a lovely day and I got a Tshirt for Coffee Spoons g'son and mine [they both may need to grow into them.

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carol said...

Hooray - and many thanks. It's a grand dragon. I'll post a cheque!