Monday, 12 October 2009


Halloween isn't big round here, too few kids and no street lights.
There are about a dozen butternut squashes waiting in the summer house, which will slowly be transformed into soup, or roasted vegetables. But these green monsters............I suppose I could dig one out for a candle - so the only 2 little kids around, living in a cottage below us, could see the light............
In the spirit of greater grandma-ing I have sent a ghastly orange and green pumpkin suit to the little one, it's his first birthday next month, I was a bit alarmed at the size of pumpkin required, he is obviously growing fast.
Hopefully his parents are growing up too as they are at logger heads at the mo as to the beer consumption of one of them, the worker bee demanding his right to relaxation. Why can't men relax without beer.
A bit more stitching all round might be beneficial.

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Sue said...

lovely colours. we had the last picking of runner beans last night, must be a record for us this late in October.