Wednesday, 14 October 2009

boxed in

Having taken a look at Frances' new old machine, here is my old girl. I bought her for £20 at a street market as I couldn't bare to see her sit abandoned under a tree. I haven't tried using her, maybe I should, i don't even know which model she is.

This little tin beauty was in a car boot sale, and cost half the above; if we had a bigger house I would visit more buying opportunities, but these two keep me good company
along with Aggers
It's been cold today so I have lit the fire this evening and happily watched Project Runway where they had to make an outfit from newspaper and not be too bitchy. Mostly they succeeded in the former.
I recorded a Sky Art programme Talking Threads, but it was actually pretty basic silk painting. It may have excited a viewer somewhere, but not here.

Spent some time cutting a card frame to fit in the wood frame for Birdies, but carefully placed a big black smudge on the finished article, so had to go and buy more card.
It is the local Arts and Craft show next weekend so have to finish Birdies, plus pull the big Dancers into some kind of shape. I should never have sewn into the blissfully soft pre-felt as it is now getting woolly. Always good to learn, wash your hands and your felt.
A double click on my Scarlet Woman may make more sense of her - or not, but I am really enjoying chewing on her each evening.
I am not sure how/if to present my Crowded Tube, I'm sure I could develop it somehow.I think they probably should combine with this face in a box.


carol said...

Brilliant all of it but the birdies are especially glorious and the Tube is satisfyingly tactile whilst being clever.

Top marks!

Sue said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Very well done. Star of the show!

chillsider said...

You should see some of the others, some very brilliant peeps around.

Feltmaker said...

Birdies and Crowded tube are gorgeous - Remind me about this show, it's Shotley yes?

Feltmaker said...

Oh and just to say - I think your Singer might be a fiddlebase model 12, it looks like it has a treadle wheel on it though?

carol said... more thing... I'm itching to come over and tidy up yur books... that's no way to treat them... tut tut!

Gillian said...

I don't want to tidy up your books but I do want "Crowded Tube for one of my walls. They are all bare at the moment and NEW stuff for them is so exciting.
The rest is lovely too but that one made me stop and Oooo with longing.
Cheers Gillian