Sunday, 18 October 2009


On Saturday I went, voluntarily, to another AGM, this time for the local Guild. Of course I arrived late and left early - before the lecture on African Beading, I would have fidgeted.

There were about 60+ members in the Hall, all no doubt so much more mature and less fidgety than I. As you can see, they enjoyed the occasion and no doubt added to their sum of knowledge.
However i asked a couple of questions of the officers - just can't resist twisting the tail of authority, even if it is only a hapless committee member.
But more importantly purchased some sequins and beads, sewing needles and some blanket squares. The latter were cut into4" [maybe] squares which I thought I could stitch into the blessed grandsons' first [possibly not] reading book.
Appliqued Duck plus word type thing, hopefully I can think of some slightly more droll icons.
The Daughter sent us a video via You Tube today of the tiny genius nearly walking and talking.
On the way home yesterday, clutching my booty and the steering wheel I saw a notice for a Yard Sale in one of the posher houses in the next village; they had arrayed on the grass verge outside various baby hardware [cots, playpens, buggies] and a toilet.
The latter was adult sized and I felt quite drawn to it as I have long dreamt of a second loo, instead of the outside coal shed, so Retired Gardener Person doesn't have to trek mud thru the house every time he wants to widdle.
Male apparatus does not seem to have the patience of the female.
However he values his coal hole
So I bought some jeans and dungarees and jackets for the young one, and now have to enquire whether to keep them till arrival, or send them as will he have outgrown them by then.
The master of posh house maintained close attendance, tiny moustache twitching, while young wife and chirpy toddler diverted themselves on the lawn. I asked if they were moving away, but he said no, just clearing out.
Obviously Little Chirper was to remain an only child.
In the evening I watched Russell Crowe in State of Play on SkyBoxoffice TV. It was OK, at least I understood all the plot this time as Hollywood seemed to have dispensed with at least half a dozen sub plots that were woven thru the drama when it was a six week serial on the British gog.


Gillian said...

Well, talking of oz movies, I watched "Muriel's Wedding" again the other night. Something about the ugly duckling, ugly politician father, ugly lonely mother, REALLY ugly siblings.
Not sure if it was really a comedy.
Cheers Gillian

Feltmaker said...

Spitting red wine in laughter all over the keyboard lol