Tuesday, 20 October 2009

cold day

Went over to Felixstowe for a cold doggy walk along the sea wall and a hot plate of fresh line caught cod and chip lunch, with mushy peas. Huge cargo ships coming and going to China added a touch of the bizarre.

Have finished framing the 5 pieces I am putting in the exhibition this w/e. "Crowd" is printed in the brochure, but if no-one buys it i am sure we can come to an arrangement Gillian.
I have done some more stitching to cheer up the Dancers, so i hope they find a home.
Have been stitching my two sculptures each evening so they are beginning to fill in and look as if there might be something solid at the end, and reading The Girl who kicked the hornets nest, which is engrossing in a way that one wouldn't suppose Swedish politics would be.
The access to Scandinavian crime writers in translation recently has provided some surprising information which seems to escape the notice all the news and politics programmes and newspapers. Norway and Sweden seem to have their own immigration difficulties. Poorly paid Filipinos stuck in tower blocks in Norway, and Kurds attracting violence and Neo Nazis in Sweden. Wouldn't it make more sense if we all discussed these problems internationally instead of being so parochial and re-inventing the wheel.
Our extreme right wing racist party leader is to appear on a Question Time on Thursday, raising hackles all round. I only hope the others on the panel are really well prepared with facts and figures to show what an ignorant inadequate he really is. Of course his party would have no power at all if the politicians got their fingers out and did their job properly.

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Gillian said...

Oh...good luck with it all. I'm glad that it is already listed with a price. That solves the "how much is it?" question. I shall pay the exhibition listed price. Well I hope I shall... when I know what it is!!!
I just realised that I asked the ubiquitous STRINE question.."Emma Chissit?" It goes with..."Aorta fix this" and "Water War carpets".
Cheers Gillian