Thursday, 29 October 2009

Homage to heide

Woke up yesterday morning with a determination to knit a Beanie. Dunno why, never have before, and in past eons when I did on occasion knit a cardie or two they never really fitted.
Anyway there was this undeniable urge to find a pattern and create.
Found many free patterns on the interweb and borrowed some circular needles from ma. That was where I went wrong no doubt.
Later she told me "I didn't think they were right" obviously she didn't say anything at the time.
Some time was spent wrestling with yards [seemingly] of plastic and 72 cast-ons that would just about cover from one eye to one ear.
Eventually I was forced to lunge from my traditional grannies armchair into "my Room" and tip up the metal tube fall of pointy things, with lots of rings and somethings festooned upon them.
It had been filling up for some time [years], but there they were - shorter and fatter circular needles. This time 72 looked enough and by bedtime I was protected from any winds that might blow.
Now ma wants one.

Misty this morning, but head was cosy.

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