Sunday, 1 November 2009

books & boats

I am watching the film "the Boat that Rocked" on Sky Box Office, it is ghastly.
I hate it, but I have paid £3.99, so I am forced to let it burble on - so naffly, at least the music is soul stirring.
When we were College we used to have the pirate ships on all day, and possibly all night. I nearly failed my finals because I was incapable of turning Radio Caroline/Radio London off.
Keith Skeuse is still on Radio Norfolk...........................old DJs never die, some are unlucky and turn into Tony Blackburn, but most like John Peel linger in the ether, he lived near here....old DJs return to the roots - to marinate.........
Fortunately my run of good books continues.
Robert Crais - Chasing Darkness was diverting, and The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland was - frightening in a very muddy medieval way. I now know what a beguine is/was other than a dance from S America.
But best of all I have found Mick Herron, he is brilliant. I would download his trilogy of the lady private eye called Zoe onto my birthday pressi [my Kindle surprise] but it is a Yankee machine, and only seems to have the second part, why?
Also they won't have the new Terry Pratchett available until next week, always a glitch in new technology.

PS I must admit the flotilla of little boats rescue at the end squeezed a tear.

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Gillian said...

I saw "The Boat..." at the full screen pics and loved it. I was always a bit behind and thought that everyone involved in that sort of life was soooo trendy. Mind you I love almost anything on full screen. Saw "An Education" last week. Undecided, felt there could have been more of a disaster in it, felt she got off too easily. How judgemental of me!
Cheers Gillian