Monday, 2 November 2009

Holloween blues

Halloween is taken more seriously in America. Personally we just turned off the lights and hid under the table until the burble of little children had passed us by.

If imperious daughter had appeared i reckon they would have disappeared even more quickly.
She is hoping to get onto a fashion design course, I say her strengths would be exotic corsets and trousers, she says pretty dresses. Isn't it strange how one's offspring can't see sense when you wave it at them. Possibly just as well we live apart.
I could feel quite distraught at missing so much, fortunately I am enjoying what I am doing........if only they were next door.
Then of course the devil points out the kingdom of temptation ........daughter phoned with news that the house next door but one to them was for sale, for a very credit crunch price........we+they could buy it, rent it out to pay the mortgage, stay in it when we visited!! Soooooo tempting, five minutes thought piles up all the reasons why frustrating.


carol said...

Yikes! Are they the murals in the young lad's room? He should grow into a very dramatic personality.

Definitely Acci should go for something more spritzy than pretty frocks. She'll go down a storm.

Gillian said...

Hello Glen!
Happy Birthday!
Cheers from Gillian and her Crowd