Sunday, 6 December 2009

cold comfort

Thoughts of local mysteries was kicked off by RP returning from church this morning to announce that they had prayed for Sarah who had been "killed". As he rarely notices information/gossip he asked me what it was about.
I know nothing.
We are also fairly clueless about a lesser event that obviously occurred recently, down the road, when the old brick bus shelter suddenly appeared to be sagging to it's knees and scattering bricks willy nilly.
After several drive byes we noticed that the hedgerows next to the shelter had been heavily flailed, as is the country macho custom.
Then a DIY notice appeared, tied to the protective Health and Safety fence that now protects us from retribution from the deeply wounded bus shelter.
"Well done Harry"
Enigmatic, intriguing and indicating the narrative that said Harry was happily driving his big agricultural machinery along the road, flailing away, when he misjudged when to withdraw, so to speak.
We must all expect the unexpected.

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