Friday, 11 December 2009

Merry Chrimble

The church where the RP bends his knee on a Sunday is a miserable concrete replacement of the Norman flint edifice that the Germans doodle bugged in the war.
To cheer it up a bit the congregation make [or get made] kneelers to commemorate each other and their clubs, they always put them up on show for the rest of the week, adding a bit of colour and local history.

Some young blood was added this Chrimble by the kids at the local primaries.

This angel gave one the impression she would be a good girl to have at one's side in times of adversity
The vicar has a mad collie dog [reminiscent of the vicar]but so far the sheep is cool.
The three wise men [some exaggeration surely] may or may not be illegal immigrants. The only known foreigners in the village are from the Chinese Take Away, and all us lot from London.

These are definitely the only persons of colour within five miles
I used to go to the midnight service on Xmas Eve, but I have given it up, another club I don't belong to, I should make my own kneeler.

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Gillian said...

DJ comments on the "lack of colour up here"! I really miss the eastern asians that I had so much to do with at school in Oz.
Here...Asians means Indians, in Oz it means Chinese. Lots of colour all over the place there.
Cheers Gillian