Friday, 18 December 2009

personae dramatis

The snow is sliding off the roof - the skies are shiny blue, it may not last much longer.
Last night there was a huge bang + power cut, which I immediately surmised was terrorists blowing up the calm in my third, it turned out it was thunder, didn't know we could get winter storms.

I expect the old mangle has seen worse.

Daughter and grandson are due at Heathrow on Monday, so have to decide whether to drive up and stay over night in bleak hotel, or drive thru London in the bleak early morning light.
I am desperately trying to clear back my work room, where they sleep, so young mover [he stands and totters but isn't walking yet] doesn't disappear under an avalanche of creativity and needles.
Great grandma and I went up to the ToysRUs hanger [so big she could ask the pilot to land there, it is closer] and threw money around, mostly on wooden toys, so the Glorious Grandson will probably believe the rumours that we are become a Third World country.
American, or maybe just current, expectations of Health & Saftery are somewhat alien. When the daughter was a babe she and brother rocketed around in a veritable battle field of dangers it seems. e.g. She says I must buy duct tape to secure the plugs, and everything up to 2' above the floor must be removed or barricaded .......oh dear. I don't care, I have bought him a packet of Rusks! every baby has to risk new experiences.
That e.g. reminds me, I have just finished Robert Harris' Lustrum, his second novel on Cicero taken from the narratives of his slave secretary, Tiro. It seems that Tiro invented his own shorthand to take down C's speeches etc and Tiro invented "e.g" "&" and even "etc". just shows you never know who, why or what will be remembered.

For those who enjoy Harry Hill, I reveal our own "knitted character". I bought him to cuddle when I was ill over 20 years ago, and he has stood guard ever since, so he he well over due for his inclusion in the hall of Fame.


Gillian said...

Snow here too, of course! Tigger is being precious about getting her feet cold and wet to visit the loo and has tossed all the decos off the windowsills. But the sun shines on the bold gasometer.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Thinking of you. Hope the journey and reunion go really well.

Heide said...

We've nothing but rain and the snow looks festive in comparison. I hope your family arrived safely and that you're enjoying a wonderful holiday together.