Wednesday, 23 December 2009

food for thought

The Glorious Grandson has landed.
Daughter and he had a good, if delayed, flight from SF.
We drove up on Sunday afternoon, worried that the icy temperatures would make the roads a bit dicey if we left early Monday morning.
In reality it is the pavements that are treacherous down here in the S, as the fresh snow line has drifted N.
We booked a cupboard with shower in some big airport hotel thru a website that is supposed to arrange these things at short notice. Sadly they belatedly discovered the Inn was full, by the time they phoned home to let us know they had told us wrong, we were on our way.
The over booked hotel didn't want to admit it was their fault so took at least an hour trying to blame/contact the website, before passing us on to the alternative hotel they knew had a cupboard booked for us.
The cupboard had a shower [no bath I do like a long hot soak to celebrate a journey ie get my monies worth!] and a TV so I managed. The shower never did reach temperature and the scampi and chips was yuk, but we found offspring and her offspring and turned to go home. Horrible jam on the A12 but fortunately going the other way.
Airline had lost the stroller so provided a small buggy in company colours which definitely won't challenge the mountainous pavements. Took 3 days for stroller to be couriered over and part of it has been busted however it still works. Not a total celebration, but we do still have the little buggy.

Tree is enjoying seeing the cold clear light of day after a year in the loft.

and lights up the evenings.
Madame Xmas checks out the visitors [not many in this weather
Had a worry yesterday when ma wasn't answering her phone, eventually battled round, with the buggy, only to find she had just returned from town.
Damn those free bus passes, she was going stir crazy so decided to escape. Town was cold and full of wet snow and the shops had nothing she liked - surprise.
Today we did the food shopping and made sure the birds had some seeds and water. Mr and Mrs Blackbirds are feasting on the few apples still clinging to the trees, they peck away till the apple is eaten three quarters away, then it falls and they munch on to the next one.
GG doesn't seem to eat anything nutritious except cereal and bananas but I guess he knows best.


Sue said...

Ahh so glad you are all together now. Robbie is beautiful! Have a good time tomorrow. Love to you all.

carol said...

I have dimming memories of Chloe eating only bananas at that age. Once she graduated from this diet she hated bananas then for years. Sophie liked all things creamy to the exclusion of all else so the fridge was always full of Petit Filous. Now she detests milky things. Costa - well, I think I'd got a bit overwhelmed by little ones and underimpresssed by their eating habits when it came to his turn but I have an idea he liked cheese a lot. They're all quite healthy now and Sophie is the smallest at 5'10" so it didn't inhibit their growth!
Lovely to see Robbies cheery little grin and to think of you all.

Heide said...

I'm so glad that your family arrived and that you made it home safely! Your grandson is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you all.

Gillian said...

I bet after all that effort it was a wonderful christmas. Hope you have a great New Year coming up.
Cheers Gillian