Wednesday, 30 December 2009

counting blessings

We have all survived so far without fisticuffs.
Daughter and the Glorious Grandson are doing well, filling up the time and space available, they are out today visiting a children's palace/bouncy castle or some such, with daughters friend and her little kidlet.
He is lovely, but was one of those babes damaged at birth [not enough attention paid by medicals at the relevant time, "i think i am having the baby nurse", "nonsense it will be ages yet" Not] He is slow on his milestones and now has been belatedly discovered to have a hole in his heart which will hopefully fixed this coming year.
It is wet and windy, but no snow so far.
We made full use of two sunny days to go to the seaside and push baby's buggy along the prom and eat chips! The inadequate free buggy [thanks V*rgin] was a benefit as the stroller is rather large, but with just Buggers we can also fit GG, Daughter, Grandma, Hattie the Dog and Driver into the car.
Otherwise we have watched a lot of TV, cleaned up the floor area in a continuous rolling programme, tried not to eat chocs and/or abandoned baby food and discussed Men - particularly Men in Marriage, and why don't they grow up as quickly as women or should that be Women Who have become Mothers...............

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Heide said...

Glad the weather is allowing you to get outside with your daughter and grandson. That's frustrating and sad to hear about her friend's baby. Why don't people listen to pregnant women... I had a horrible time with the hospital and my second daughter. Happy new year... according to Arthur Clark we're supposed to make contact.