Saturday, 30 January 2010

hair today

Bit of powdery snow last night.

Took Hatters for a walk, my first since return so must be recovering. Managed to slip over in the Lane however, but that is what buttocks are for, as I have been eating more to keep out the cold I was better cushioned than on warmer days.
Birds are enjoying the sunshine, saw some chickens and ducks in a garden queuing up and muttering while they waited for the ice on the pond to melt.
Pigeons are stalking RP's broccoli, but he has hastily covered what is left of their feasting while we were away and left only decoy broccoli still surviving in the seed bed. Sounds technical, hope it works. purple sprouting is delicious and good for one [and pigeons I guess].

Farm reservoir is unneeded at the mo, as whenever the temperature rises we are getting bucketing rain, depressing.
The farmers are gathering the sugar beet into mini mountains and annoying all other road users by chugging it around in their own secretive ways. Also just to say up yours to us townees much manure is being spread, the smell pervading even when it is cold. Bad news for nose already the only part of my body exposed to the elements.
It feels far colder here than in Nevada, it's the damp what does it.
Before we went Daughter forced me to buy hair straighteners, [because she hadn't got hers obviously]

Nevada is very kind to my hair, being so dry, and daughter struck again by sending me back with 2 different and expensive conditioners. Today a I wore a big knitted hat, much the best solution.


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Help!! Your hair is straight! You have no idea what a shock that was to me. It looks very good but - can I persoanlly stand this much change??