Thursday, 28 January 2010

income & outgoings

Largely Women went really well it seems. Did manage to crawl over and help take it down, but otherwise the other SLAPPERS managed admirably without me!
I think we all sold well, despite the weather, two of my big and expensive pieces, "Thinking of Frida" and "Boxed in" were hauled off to new homes, plus two ceramics.
Of course now I miss them, but at least the money will help to pay off my American Bills.
The gallery owner kept two more ceramics to sell, but "as a potter" critised my glazing. I Hate glaze, it rarely does what I want and sometimes does something entirely opposite.
One ceramic of two young people struggling, their hands tied to each other behind their backs {I know, weird - I made one like it when I was young and commissioned myself to try it again...anyway some guy apparently asked if he could commission one of two men in that position - No.
Several people liked Lust for Life it seems, which was Not for Sale, and wanted to commission another, no chance - If I did try I would have no confidence of how it would turn out, and thankfully I don't have horrendous bills that often, so I can make what I feel like doing at the time.

Avocet was sold over Xmas by a Gallery in Felixstowe sadly not my bloomin Snape Arches which apparently no-one [wisely] wants. May give it to ma for her birthday.


carol said...

Very well done. Nice to know there are folk with taste out there. Wish I could have had the Avocet!!

Sue said...

That's brilliant Glen and a nice bonus on your return. The avocet is so covetable. Your works just keep getting better.