Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Stitchers Lacemakers And Patchworkers Practise Embroidery Regularly in Suffolk

Just before we flew away we put up the Largely Women exhibition, without shedding blood or ego, the group of us largely women were very solid.

Of course since then we have been snowed on so I don't think we could open up till Sunday, and possibly arty farty doodahs were not uppermost in peoples minds at the time, more likely a dash to the supermarkets.

The gallery, like the V&A has an ace cafe attached so we are hoping a bowl of hot soup or a coffee will tempt some of the great British public out.

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Sue said...

Ahh wish I wasn't such a wuss about driving in this weather, else I would be there snapping up those female shaped cushions that caught my eye...