Thursday, 14 January 2010

Various toads in various holes

Somewhat to our surprise we find ourselves back in the Casino, as daughter's plumbing has packed up, possibly an excess of wet wipes down the loo by a previous visitor.
So GG, daughter and us have decamped while Son in Law paddles in the crap trying to unblock things.
Could be said to be an allegory of the marriage, but we shan't dwell on that.
Casino rooms are very cheap, as they want you to book in as long as possible and then descend to Valhalla to gamble away your life savings and future earnings.
Valhalla is no longer burning, but the smell of smoke in the gambling halls is strong, as casinos are the only buildings in USA that still allow smoking, a special dispensation.
Fortunately we don't gamble, so we had supper in the Mel's Diner [I had meatloaf with gravy and sliced carrots and courgettes and mash, my favourite American meal] and then adjouned to the 11th floor to watch the gog

Last night we had a dinner party for the friends that have aided Daughter and GG in their extremes, to say thanks.
First D&I took Bonnie to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes, which was fun, while RP cooked a huge toad in the hole for us and Randy when we returned home. They were delighted the food did not actually include frogs legs, which was all they had been able to surmise from the title.
Unknown to us the plumbing was plotting, but did not revealed its dastardly plan till today.
Daughter did her first counselling session yesterday too, she took to the ancient Wise Woman who suggested most of the strategies we had murmured of, but this time they seem to have made an impact - so we have hopes......and a counselling bill no doubt.
Son in law is hoping kind acts will overcome obstacles, such as shit shifting, but daughter is determined he should get some counselling too before the nest is re-feathered.
Some guys in the corridor were just in a slanging match, one shouted - I am just a f***ing milk carton in a f***ing grocery store to you, the other replied - give me my f***ing guitar. Intriguing.
Security soon appeared and calmed the savage breasts, sadly, before we could learn more.


Sue said...

You two are gold-star parents.

Gillian said...

I'm envious of your full life while I'm still stuck in a garret waiting for the "engineer" to come and fix my boiler. I hope the boiler-fixing/counselling goes well at your end. If I get no luck today, I too will decamp to the premier inn down the road and have the heating up high and a hot bath. I bet there won't be a TV like that though.
Cheers Gillian