Sunday, 17 January 2010

side saddle

The days are slithering by, I have taken to waking at 3.50a.m. and reading my medieval who dunnit [Susanna Gregory] which confuses my poor brain even more.
Nana and grandpop are certainly feeling the pace of small mobile and verbal offspring.

Daughter has a chronic sinus cough so goes full pelt for each objective then crumples into a heap demanding hot soup.

Today we went to the Hunters bat cave to buy feathers [they use them to make flies and lures for fishing], but daughter plans we should knock up some "fascinators" on some cheap alice bands we bought for the purpose..........partly pre-planned but partly because we went shopping in this ladies bat cave where oceans of second hand/retro and adjusted clothing is for sale.
Daughter has always wanted to get into this form of retail as it combines her skills at blagging and her arty clothing making.
Of course I came out with a purchase, in the "steam-punk" genre apparently, a fitted band boy style jacket in brown aged suede look with brown lace.
Unlikely but true. Now if I could only get to attend one of our exhibitions I could look the part - arty eccentric is my aim, more likely - raddled Victorian whore in an old cowboy film, where is Hopalong Cassidy these days?
I will add a pic if I can find one that won't frighten the horses, important to cowboys and girls.
PS Tonight we have heard that 10 days of snow are forecast, so goodness knows how we will get over the Donner Pass in time for our flight from San Francisco on Thursday.
It seems every time we jump one fence on this trip, another springs up and the horse threatens to refuse. It is very tiring.

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