Thursday, 25 February 2010

cold comfort

Short feature film starring Glorious Grandson, Son, Son's Girlfriend, Daughter and Snow [and their best friend television].

I had an irate friend P on the phone this week as she had been inches deep in snow and unable to travel to the Big City and all we had here 15 miles away was rain.

I would have preferred the snow really as all we did was trundle into town, which at the moment is just about resisting the one in five shops will be shut syndrome [as in run out of money rather than early closing]
I bought me a heavy weather jacket, given that next year most of the shops will have disintegrated and there will be no petrol to reach them anyway - or something.

We have always regarded ourselves as pretty much the Golden Generation [this girl does like her Gs] as we have had the benefit of the NHS, Free Education, House prices going up and down at almost the right time, and Lord love a Duck we have even got a Pension.

We also expect to expire before the worst of the global warming takes effect.
However the next election [May i suppose]. will herald terrible cuts in public services and we will no longer be able to look forward to meals on wheels, continuing free bus travel, extra heating allowance, cheapo train tickets.

It will all be snatched back and we will have to live on memories.

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Sue said...

what's the betting they legalise youthinasia just in time for us!! Love the grandson, he's a smasher.