Friday, 26 February 2010

be prepared

Change of routine today as I went with some of the sewing ladies, to the funeral of the ma of another.
The ma was 90, so not that sad an occasion, as we all have to go sometime, and she had managed to put it off for quite a long time. I would guess tho that it didn't seem that long to her when she looked back however.

Attractive old church, high and light inside - did think about taking a couple of pics but desisted.
Very high Anglican, the vicar would probably have thrown the incense at me, or drownded me in the holy water he was splashing on the coffin.
One of my colleagues is Lutheran and was quite agog at the goings on. This was her 5th funeral in five weeks however so she was hardened to the task by now.
The vicar was a sprightly old bloke with the traditional twinkle in his eye, even as he intoned the rituals he did refer to God as "him, her or whatever you will".
Us heathen were welcomed too, which instantly reduced me to snuffles at the generosity of inclusion.

One of the readings was from Paul to the Corinthians? - the one about the "greatest of these is love" which can also make one weep if one doesn't watch out. The hymns were robust and well known so enjoyable to sing.
The eulogy was less generous. The oldest daughter was still rather annoyed with her mother, feeling her ma had not been loving to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. So thus she wrote, saying she might have been praised to her mothers friends but never to her face
So NB to remember to tell ones off spring how much one loves them, often, or one will get a dusty send off.

I wore the black silk hat I made years ago for just such an occasion, and added peacock feathers, even tho they may be unlucky [evil eye], I felt a funeral was an appropriate luckless situation


Feltmaker said...

You are wicked and I love it lol

Sue said...

that ornate church porch would make a good bird house by the bird table man. well done with your hat!

Gillian said...

My mother and I don't talk and are too alike to resolve anything amicably. I wonder if I will even go to her funeral. She would ban me if she could.
Perhaps I can borrow your lovely hat with the "evil eye" peacock feathers!!!
Cheers Gillian