Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Smashing sunny day to take Noisy Friend and the 2 dogs for a walk. It is still cold at night, so good excuse for coal fire remains, but we haven't had the radiators on today, so it must be getting warmer.
Neighbours donated their coal, as they have gone over to a woodburning stove for welcoming glow, so RP had to ripple his muscles and wheel barrow it over, which satisfied him mightily.
It is those funny bricklet things looking like little cakes of coal dust that burn down to very soft ash. No feeling of ancient wood at all.

We all went to visit the BirdTable Man and Woman. Their cottage is tiny and today rather brisk as they had not yet lit their roaring fire.
BTM was mucking out his outhouses and BTW was trying to fork up the creeping buttercup.

He makes his birdtables in this shed, the cottage is too small for an extra chip of wood. He says that usually he will work a complete week on each table, and enjoys designing new shapes.
We suggested that Noisy Friend should ask for a Big Ben table as her father was once an MP,the Foreign Secretary no less, it seemed too much to request the Houses of Parliament.

This is their little sunny arbour including the oven that was once in the cottage. There was talk of a BBQ later in the year which might be fun.

The empty phone box just across the lane probably explains why Mr and Mrs BirdTable have finally got a phone at the cottage.
The sun lit up the damp little church too.


Sue said...

This is fantastic! real cottage industry. what does he make them with?

Heide said...

I love the bird tables and the pictures of the cottage that he and his wife live in.