Sunday, 7 March 2010

food for thought

It has been a sunny few days, but the wind is still blowing from the NE, so even the horses have balaclavas. Wish I had one.
I crocheted one of those curly scarves where you increase the stitches each row so it twists round and round, so it is thick in velour wool, but there is still my face hanging out getting cold.

Only Hatty the dog and the birds cannot appreciate the drawbacks of having to walk the fields and rivers when the wind is blowing straight off the Urals.
RP has decided to expand his repertoire of warm and nourishing meals so being a man he had to go out and buy new expensive tools.
This was an Hungarian recipe of pork and rice, which was quite nice, but until it is perfected I suggest tumeric will do rather than saffron.............but maybe I should just shut up and be grateful


carol said...

Indeed you should! Looks delicious.

(Personally I rather prefer turmeric to saffron and its very good for ... something... forget what!!)

Sue said...

I should be so lucky! Be grateful you have a man who cooks!

Gillian said...

Ditto and I want a pic of the curly scarf!
Cheers Gillian