Tuesday, 9 March 2010


As requested - one curly scarf.
I got Repetitive Strain whatsit in my upper right arm because I was so determined to finish it in 2 evenings.
But it was thick wool and a big fat crochet hook so it grew quickly. This was 4 rows I think,- a one chain row to start. Then 2 or was it 3 rows of doubles and then a final flourish of a row of trebles.

PS I have just checked back in the blog and the first daff was out on 19th February last year. Same daff this year is just about to unfurl - they are all still stubby and mostly not even in bud yet. Obviously they needed scarves some time back

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Gillian said...

And it's lovely. I did a couple of knitted ones but your crochet version sounds easier and looks gorgeous.
Cheers Gillian