Sunday, 14 March 2010

fantasy figures

Working on the Gossiping Goddesses hardly seems like work, it is straight forward getting on with it. None, or very little, of the angst trying to get a piece designed for the Deeply Rooted exhibition. In fact the only angst is that it is so relaxed that it must be worthless and I am just making exotic Barbies.........
but I am enjoying them, except when I have to be tidy in my stitching.
I have been very careless as to size, but fortunately there are two short arses and two Amazons, so they can chat in pairs. Venus is to have a shell to surf in on and some seaweed as decoration to embellish her nakedness.

Went to see Alice in Underland in 3D last week, daughter and loud friend adored the Cheshire cat, whom I thought was very ordinary so I guess it is always in the imagination of the beholder.
We all lusted over Mr Depp so at least we could agree on something.


Sue said...

I can tell you've enjoyed making these fantastic figures. They ooze enjoyment.

carol said...

These look great fun. I'd like to meet them.