Wednesday, 10 February 2010

cough, cough, cough

Lots of light, bright snow today, not thick yet. RP keen to 4 wheel drive up the hill - till we slid sideways, but fortunately we just scraped the holly tree and kept going up.
The horse in the field opposite has his coat and a very dour expression on, arse end to the wind. We went out to lunch and loaded up on good hot food so we feel ready to face the worst, as long as we are home and in the warm.
Daughter phoned to report on the GG and his poor old lungs which are suffering a respiratory infection, not doing too well at the mo, the doc offered hospital, but if Daughter felt Ok she could keep him at home to see how he goes.
As he is taking on water and eggy bread so he is holding up well, they are going to see how it goes. Of course his temperature shoots sky high at night, and neither of them are getting much sleep.
Hopefully he will improve before the w/e, or it may be best to take him to hospital, just because things always get worse Friday nights when everything is closed down.
Feel very helpless so far away.

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carol said...

What a shame, and how worrying from afar. He looks a sturdy little chap though so should get through OK and be bounncing around in time to ensure sleepless nights just as his parents go down with it! (Which is what is happening in my son's household at present!)