Thursday, 11 February 2010

snow again

Winter Summer house

Snow is still enough of a novelty to take notice, even celebrate - especially as I am designated stayer in today to await delivery of RP's new hat while he and Hattie the dog have a trudge.
They claimed they delivered it yesterday and we weren't in at the time, which was a lie, RP is ranting and may get up to the Court of Human Rights [to have a new hat] before he is satisfied.

I took this shot from the upstairs window today as horse and I are wearing matching colour jumpers, but you can't see mine as it is several layers down.
Daughter rang late last night to claim the GG is much recovered, and I could hear him chortling in the background so I think he may be on the mend.
Have been making figures for my new Group, Gossiping Goddesses.This may one day be Venus plus shell

This one is going to be Kali
I am also working on Hathor at the instruction of Hattie the Dog, as she is her namesake.


Gillian said...

Gosh, you did get a dumping, and most ungeographic in its distribution. The west and north is meant to get it, not you southerners. We had bright blue skies and 0 degrees but no snow...yet.
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

hi it's me back from a nasty cold courtesy of the man. That's two I've had since giving up vitamin tablets, hum.
We had snow but it came very quickly and went almost as quickly. Not as much as you though.