Tuesday, 16 February 2010

poo to everyone

Lots of cold wet rain. Mother has chosen today to go on a coach trip to Kings Lynn, I suspect she will wish she hadn't.
However i am sat at home whinging, so not much fun here either.
We walked Hattie the dog round the Long Fields, RP in his new hat and moi under a woolly hat tied tightly under my chin, and then with my hoodie over the top. {I noted that hoodies are not viewed with negativity or anxiety in the States, everyone there seems to wear one at one time or another, burkas in Reno would probably cause a flutter however].
My shoulders, as they do, got cold and wet as the rain tipped mercilessly down, alos the knees as the water puddles down off the jacket. Thick bed socks in my wellies saved the day tho.
There was a new notice, thanks to the Parish council, decorating Pages Wood requesting that poop scoopers do not throw their full bags into the spinney, as the plastic is not degradable and the scoopers will disappear before the bags do. Cheering thought.
Maybe we should choose one tree and decorate it with used bags to exhibit that we can be thoughtful ramblers.
Why aren't the bags degradable anyway. Surely eventually in landfill the contents will warm up and explode. Hopefully.
I am not in a good mood it seems.

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Sue said...

this winter is enough to p--s anyone off. hope you had the sunshine yesterday. it was cheery here for at least 20 minutes. back to rain today though, pooh.