Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Democratic vote

Different group, same obsession.
We are a newly formed group still searching for a name. Some suggestions are somewhat risque.......HOOKERS = Happy Circle Of Key Eastern Region Stitchers.........another more wholesome suggestion FIESTA = Friends In Every Sort Of Textile Art.
Guess we will put it to the vote at our next monthly get together

We are meeting in this drear village hall, so any aesthetic excitement will have to be generated by our work.
We are pledged to raise an exhibition in six months time, preferably not at this venue.
We also discussed the theme for another exhibition arranged for 2011. It is to be titled Concept and Meaning, it will take us that long to sort out what the heck it means.
Suggestions welcome.

At home the magnolia is finally out
At last, too many blossoms to count.


Sue said...

The magnolia is beautiful.
Who thought of "Concept and Meaning"? Suggest you ask them to explain!

Gillian said...

We are a little behind in the blossom stakes. Your magnolia is glorious.
I could play for hours with..... Concept, Concert, Content, Intent, etc. It still wouldn't mean anything but it would look and sound nicer.
Cheers Gillian