Thursday, 22 April 2010

additions and deductions

Me and us took a short trip today to visit another group's textile exhibition.

I liked this small piece best, it had depth and the skills in building up the little bits of fabric and stitch produced a pleasing result.

These large and blousey sails were very kitsch and didn't meet with instant approval. The maker wanted them taken to her Spanish villa but they were a bit big to transport, they would probably look more at home in the Spanish sunshine than in the dusty museum where they now hang, even tho the walls are bravely newly white washed
While I was out artisans had taken down a spare chimney before it fell down
Please view in reverse

And RP and son had bonded in a manly way by chain sawing down the poor old apple tree that didn't make it thru the winter.

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carol said...

interesting gable end - Dutch? Poor old apple tree. There are a few shrubs here looking dodgy.

I like the sails but my first impression was - half-teacups or bobble hats floating in a surrealistic sort of way and I wondered what that was all about!