Tuesday, 20 July 2010

smelling the daisies

Big white daisy time of year again. As with everything else growing in the garden all is flamboyantly flourishing. We had a couple of nights of heavy rain and lots of days of hotness, tho it has degenerated into muggy haze today.
The postman was complaining, tho his knees were nicely browned in his Royal Mail shorts. I have put the little fences down the front path again so the dew/rain doesn't dampen his enthusiasm for delivering bills.
I still expect letters, but apart from the occasional postcard there is nothing. Obviously i don't write by snail mail to anyone, but somehow I expect letters to still appear.

This deckchair by Jane is the highlight of our textile show, it sold as well for £190 which really was too little.
I am off to steward for the closing day tomorrow, always a test of patience. I am doing a bit of crazy patchwork as therapy so i guess I should take that with me to shut me up.

I liked this applique by Pat, so I have started one of white daisies but I don't know if my design is bold enough.
This is a felted version by someone else that I forget, tomorrow I will have time to remember each piece and it's maker several times over.
My bleak thoughts seem to have blossomed a bit, maybe because I am busier. Yesterday I went to my new Stitching group [I am in 3 now!] and the gentle enthusiam did raise my spirits, we hope to have a small exhibition in December, some of them have not exhibited before so I hope we do sell some things.
Liz has the confidence to charge £400 for her smallish stitched tapestries.
She is small herself with 2 small children, but she used to be in engineering and has a refreshingly literal approach to many things. Quiet but determined.
Ruth's trees and buildings I found pleasing
Nearly everyone did plants but these triads found a way in.


Feltmaker said...

That deckchair was a steal! I hope it is a little less muggy for your stewarding day Fx

carol said...

Triads? I've heard of nyads and dryads but - well, they are a group of three so I suppose that's OK.

Feeling pedantic today. Nice work from everyone. I love the trees especially.

Today's word verification is: 'opoods.' I do love what that box throws up!

Heide said...

It's nice to know that even though they are still under priced that there is a market and respect for textile arts in your country. Here, people want cheap crap from China and there is little value given to anything handmade.