Thursday, 15 July 2010

Went to the Guild last night in a desperate effort to kick start some positive thoughts in my poor soggy mind - which is dragging itself from day to day with no idea how to find the light.

Perhaps it was a mistake to even think that knitted brooches would do the trick.

Lots of jolly women enjoying the creative process pushed me even deeper into gloom.

The knitted brooches proved to be beaded flowers and were ghastly. I tried using more interesting beads which destroyed any shape they may have had. At least i have learnt to thread beads onto wool and knit them into a row, that must be good.......

It is extremely windy today but inside my head there is no breeze whatsoever.


Heide said...

It's amazing how much fugly can be invented and how many people will jump on the bandwagon to make it.

carol said...

Oh dear! Hope the Muse returns soon.You'd better look for her elsewhere methinks.

I was just about to embark on an attempt to turn a reject felt picture i once made into brooches too. Now I've heard the word 'fugly' ('Felt Ugly' would have been highly appropriate in my case!) I will happily abandon that plan.