Saturday, 31 July 2010

tiny golem

We had a nice little trip yesterday to an Arts Centre kindly funded by the profits of our supermarket purchases and the collection fever of the main man [and his wife

The main attraction was some textiles by Henry Moore

But mostly I enjoyed revisiting the permanent exhibition and probably taking the same photos again. But then we went downstairs to the Unearthed exhibition. Little clay figures made up to 5000 years ago.
The curator had arranged for a local artist Sue Maufe to give each entrant a little tiny clay figure, made by her and her elves.
We were supposed to break them as archaeologists had found so many broken shards they came to believe that this was the custom of the time, perhaps for luck.
Nobody in my hearing agreed to kill their little friend and mine is now watching me type.
It was good to feed the brain and imagination.
I heard the phrase today be pessimistic of intellect and optimistic of will.
That sounds reasonable.


Gillian said...

So hard to break something with a face!
Glad there is growth returning to the burnt area. A fearful event!
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Maybe I'm thick (don't answer that truthfully please) but where was this gallery - and which supermarket? Nice to hear of the megabucks supporting a worthy cause for a change.

chillsider said...

It was Mr Sainsbury at the Sainsbury Centre on the campus of the University of East Anglia. Have avoided proper names mostly so blog doesn't pop up on google, as it did for Sue Maufe as soon as I put it up! I don't think comments count..........but Sainsbury entries must be very long.

Heide said...

I would have saved mine too had I been there.