Saturday, 7 August 2010

short break

Queen Mothers birthday again, so time to take a quick mid week break to mark the day we met,[RP and me, not us and the QM] I stuck to white wine rather than gin and it however.
Hattie the dog enjoyed the beach walks and also the ramble thru a bird sanctuary.
Not particularly frequented by birds on the day but lots of butterflies and [as we now know,] day time moths

Lots of little brown jobs, white ones with and without spots and tiny blue ones. Other bolder - more colourful too, but the very devil to get a photo, they stay still up till the last second then giggle and flit off.

It was so relaxing to stay in a big old fashioned hotel and get regularly served hot food. Wonderful sausages in our "full English" and multi story ice cream sundays [not at the same meal, tho I might have been tempted.
Miles of walking meant I didn't really put on much weight so a win win situation, or zero sum, whatever that is.
Old lady [older than me] on the bus one day harangued the shell sculpture on the beach, everybody here hates it she chanted, only thing it is good for is a dogs toilet. Philistines everywhere.


Sue said...

Oh I thought those shells beautiful.

We celebrated too, our 40th anniversary yesterday! Wish I could remember the day we met. It was in August 1965, but which day?

Heide said...

One of the few advantages of getting older is that one can state their opinions freely without being questioned by others. What does "Full English" mean?

carol said...

I love the shell - have never seen it except in photos but I think it would be a beautiful addition to any beach. Some people just have to find something to complain about or their day isn't filled. (I thought all the whingers where in Scotland actually... it's quite a relief to know there are some south of the line.)