Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ah ha sold Autumn.

But not the Daisies; in-laws gave me the frame. Maybe I should give it back, filled.
They are threatening not to come for Xmas in case they get snowed in with me. Can't blame them really. But who is going to eat all this turkey?
I have also finished my 2200 word short story and am ready to free it into the ether.
Hard to push that button in case I get a better idea. The number of words is more significant than the plot sadly, as counting them has taken up far more of my energy.
I do not like short stories, I don't usually read them and when I do I chuck them aside at the end twist with an exasperated Pah! So have no great hopes that I have broken the barrier with this little tale.
Amazon finally coughed up with my book and a recipe book for no.1 son. It is published in America too, but they have run out so I had to spend more on the postage than to buy it, but I was determined.
Did the food shoppery today, a large over flowing trolley full for maybe 3 bored peeps plus dog and cat.
RP had to buy new wellies today as his have sprung a leak. Bog standard Green.
When I was young [younger?] there were only black ones, they seem to be no more, unless you go very posh and polo style.
I should have taken the opportunity to replace mine and thus add to the collection of strays in the shed, but I am distracted by all the flowery ones that abound so am hanging on to see if I can find some.
Not that I am going out again until after Xmas, I am going to light the fire and read my book[s]

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